Carbon Filtration

We recommend carbon filtration for a variety of situations!

  • Utility and well water systems
  • Prevention of bad tastes and odors
  • Chlorine reduction

We suggest quarterly, bi-annual, and annual service for your carbon filtration systems! Triple carbon filtration prevents corrosion of stainless steel and nickel in steamers, ice machines, and other cooking equipment that uses water.

Carbon filtration systems use twin pre-filters for maximum dirt-holding capacity and .5 micron with cyst reduction carbon block filters for ideal water purity!


We have combined several patented, state-of-the-art water filtration technologies to develop a maintenance-free iron removal system for high pressure, high flow irrigation and whole-house well systems.

The media utilized — along with the air injection and high-flow backwashing heads — makes these filters capable of removing up to 95% of iron, sand, and other basic ground contamination that can be harmful to your own health, as well as the health of your plants.

Tests have shown that this filtration system can last up to 10 years without needing any maintenance. There are variables based on contamination levels, flow rates, and basic mechanical maintenance. H2O Technologies has warranties for all systems for up to five years!

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis systems are recommended for coffee shops, tea houses, and more prestigious facilities. Monthly, biannual, or annual service is strongly recommended! Reverse osmosis systems use sediment, water softening, and carbon pre-filtration, which will force water through membrane technology. This will remove salt, cysts, fluoride, radium, metals and turbidity. This process creates about 75 percent product and only 25 percent waste!

Utility Water

Consumer concerns typically fall into two categories when it comes to the filtration of their utility water:

High Chlorine/Chloramine Levels

High chlorine/chloramine levels are obnoxious because of its smell and taste, as well as how dry it makes you hair and skin.

Removing High Chlorine/Chloramine Levels

Our most effective way of dealing with chlorine/chloramine is a point of entry (POE) carbon filter. These POE filters are sized and designed to provide chlorine/chloramine removal with no water pressure loss throughout your entire house. Valve maintenance is on a 12-month schedule and media should be replaced every five years.


More and more local tap water utility companies are finding problems with contaminants. Salt, radium, hydrocarbons, lead, and fluoride are among the contaminants showing up in your tap water.

Removing Contaminants

Reverse osmosis units, teamed with carbon filtration, can be installed under your sink. These systems will remove 92 to 96 percent of all contaminants! Point of use (POU) units are designed to fit under your sink and are services on a 12-month schedule.

Hard Water

Water Softener (Salt-Free)

Salt-free water softener is recommended for 10 GPG of hardness and above. It will prohibit lime scale build up in water heaters, steamers, dishwashers, RO units, and ice machines. Salt is not required for this system!

This system will chemically bond magnesium and calcium ions to form non-adhesive crystals that don’t create lime scale build up, nor will they leave behind a slick, slippery feeling. Monthly and/or annual service is recommended, and the media should be replaced every five years.

Water Softener (Traditional)

Traditional water softener is recommended for 10 GPG of hardness and above. It will require salt on a monthly basis and scheduled yearly maintenance.

This system provides soft water by exchanging hard calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions, which will create a slick, slippery feeling. This will lead to less water usage and better rinsing.

Well Water Filtration

Consumer concerns fall into 3 categories when it comes to filtration of well water:

Low pH in Well Water

Water below 6.5 is acidic, which will eventually lead to the corrosion of copper lines and plumbing fixtures.

Correcting Low pH in Well Water

Neutralizing tanks similar to our POE carbon filters are filled with media that slowly dissolves, which will raise the pH of your water.

Iron in Well Water

Iron causes a bad taste in your water, as well as staining.

Removing Iron from Well Water

You can have iron-removing filters installed to help with this issue. Different technologies are used depending on quantity of iron and your own water usage.

Bacteria in Well Water

Bacteria in well water can lead to major health concerns.

Destroying Bacteria in Well Water

We can install an ultraviolet (UV) chamber to take care of bacteria. This system uses high intensity UV bulb that your water will pass around, which in turn will sanitize your water.

Get the Right Water Filtration System

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