No matter what business you’re in, you should hold your ice to the same standards as the food you serve. After all, ice is food, too! We are dedicated to serving all businesses — big or small — and our goal is to help people see how much of a difference filtered water can make.

A Mission to Provide Superior Water Solutions

We bring together custom engineering, innovative products, and technical service to reduce operating costs and improve customer experiences. We know your individual needs require a custom design to solve your water treatment and ice machine concerns. We will always keep your budget, timeframe, and sustainability goals in mind.

Reliable Sales, Service and Maintenance Programs

We want our systems to work for you! We offer full-service sales, installation, and maintenance programs that ensure each customer has access and the ability to fulfill any current and future needs regarding all water, ice, and filtration-related matters. We aim to provide you with a complete, cost-effective solution.

Our Mission is Your Satisfaction

Give us a call and see how the ice machine and water filtration experts at H2O Technologies can help you get the best tasting water and ice possible!

Why We're The Best Solution For Your Ice Machine And Water Filtration Needs

Trusted By More Than 1000 Local Businesses Nationwide

We don't cut corners to save a few dollars. Instead, we invest in the newest, leading-edge technologies to provide the best ice machines and water filtration services in the your area. That's why so many local businesses just likes yours have already signed up with us. Now it's time for you to do the same. Contact us so we can discuss your needs and help you find a reliable, trustworthy solution that will fit your budget perfectly!

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